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Happy New Year, food lovers! I started off January 1, 2016 with a fancy breakfast and a hot frothy vanilla latte. What made it extra special was spending time with my daughter and baby granddaughter.

La Madeleine Cafe
Vanilla Latte

The ideal thing for a food blogger to do on January 1st is to blog. Makes sense, right? Well, I had another idea to start the year off. You know how some of us must have that cup of coffee the first thing in the morning? I had my cup of coffee to start off the first day of the year.

Now that yesterday was a day of relaxing, I’m making up the difference on the evening of January 2nd with none other than my favorite kind of meal for dinner – an omelet breakfast.

Omelets for Stress and Depression
Basil, Onion & Cheese Omelet

There are good reasons why an omelet is a healthy choice. Eggs contain nutrients such as*:

  1. Protein –  builds and repair tissues and good for the bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.
  2. Omega 3 – good for the heart
  3. Amino Acids – Eggs have all 9 essential amino acids, including ones that enhance the mood and can help with sleep
  4. Cholesterol – can reduce LDL but increase the good cholesterol (HDL)
  5. Choline – essential for brain and nerve health. It’s good for methylation. I’m no medical professional, but I do find this interesting because I read that deficits in methylation have been linked to memory loss and cardiovascular disease. Incidentally, nearly 100% of the choline comes from the yolk, so that’s not going to help those who stick to egg whites.**
  6. Lutein and Zeaxanthin – carotenoids beneficial for the eyes
  7. Magnesium – contains a small amount, but an indication that you’re not getting enough are symptoms of poor sleep, muscle cramps, and chronic pain.***

Eggs are included in foods good to beat stress and depression.****Between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I wrote a blog post about coping tips for holiday blues. One tip that wasn’t included in the tips was eating an omelet. It would probably benefit people to eat more eggs during those holidays.

If you’re feeling blue, cook up a two-egg omelet like this one I fixed tonight. Not only will it make you feel full. It just might help to minimize the blues.




  1. Protein also helps keep you feeling full longer. I love breakfast for dinner.

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