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Fall has arrived, but it goes better with cooler temperatures. Ninety-plus-degree weather days aren’t getting me in the baking mood. It’s a season for apple pie, apples dipped in caramel, carved pumpkins, and pumpkin bars. The only pumpkin that’s made it into the house got as far as the dining table. No pumpkin desserts have made it in my kitchen yet (unless you count a pumpkin spice coffee creamer as dessert) – strawberries are dominating the territory.

I thought that strawberry season ended in August. Not this year. The summer season may have started in June and ended in September, but summer heat has lasted half of a year. Since October is nearly at the halfway mark, there are a few things that set the mood for fall ambiance in a home.

Apple Candles

The scent of an apple candle burning when walking into a home brings autumn reminiscing. Anxious for cooler weather, and fresh baked fruit desserts? No problem. Visit your favorite grocery store or bakery, pick up a freshly baked apple pie, bring it home, and burn one of these scented candles. Filling the house with pleasant fruit and aromas will give you a sense of fall.

Hot Spice Tea

After you’ve got that apple candle burning and the apple pie from the store already sliced, make some hot tea. Let it steep three minutes, add a little honey, and take a nice little break with your hot tea and slice of apple pie that has been warmed up in the microwave. Grab a book while you’re at it, and enjoy. You’ll start thinking it’s getting to be like fall.

Decorate a Tablescape with Autumn Decor

Bring out the autumn decor colors. Add some pumpkins, pretty gourds, and nuts. Change the tablecloth and placemats. Make a simple centerpiece with leaves and seasonal flowers. Take a picture to put on Pinterest or on your blog. Now it’s time to invite your friends over.

Invite a Friend Over for a Luncheon

Need more fall inspiration? Prepare a fall luncheon for a friend or two. Get those apple candles burning. Go back to the store for a pumpkin treat, or better yet, get brave and do a little baking. Got a favorite pumpkin recipe or a new one you’ve thought of trying out? Now is the time. Your friends will appreciate it, and you’ll all have fun.

Feeling cozy for fall now? Please take a moment to share your getting-ready-for-autumn tips in the “Leave a Reply” section.


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  1. I love fall! But it’s slow taking hold this year in many parts of the country. The only way I’ve been able to bake (beyond very early morning) in this hot autumn weather is with my handy dandy toaster oven.

  2. I love your ideas for creating an autumn ambience. Some of those candles are heavenly.

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