McIntosh Apple-Less Tree

Does an apple a day keep you feeling healthy? It’s that time of year – apple season. Apple trees are supposed to grow well in the High Desert I was told. Since I love apples and had been trying my hand at gardening vegetables, I thought why not plant an apple tree and other fruit. I purchased a grape vine (that’s growing like crazy) and a dwarf McIntosh tree that planted last fall.

In the fall the little tree had tiny apples that actually tasted good. Come spring, beautiful blossoms grew. Surely, I’ll have a nice bunch of apples in the fall – I thought. There isn’t one apple on that tree, but the tree looks healthy and is growing. According to Stark Bro’s, I need to wait until 2 years after the tree was transplanted due to disturbance of the ground, etc., when planting it after purchase.

Is it possible that my little tree needs pollination? Maybe I should purchase another apple tree. I don’t know. It’s a learning process for me. I liked the idea that they are drought tolerant. At least for now I have a pretty tree that is growing nicely. I’ll have to be patient and wait for the apples.

Have you had success growing dwarf McIntosh apple trees in the high desert? Please share your experience and any suggestions in growing them.

For now I’ll purchase my apples at the market. Big and juicy ones. They taste great chopped up in chicken salads, and my husband just grilled chicken yesterday.

Whether in a salad or by itself, an apple adds fiber and Vitamin C and is, therefore, beneficial to eat at least one a day.



  1. Author

    I’m not spraying with pesticides, and bees come nearby to the lavender plant. The tree is watered adequately I think.

  2. Some varieties of apples are self pollinating. Others need a pollinator. There are other factors that influence fruit set. Are you spraying with pesticides? Fruit trees need bees to pollinate. Is the tree getting enough water? Inadequate water can cause fruit not to set. My apple tree didn’t do well this year, either.

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