Summer Grilling
Mesquite Grilled Steak

Are there any dads reading this post today? If there are, Happy Father’s Day to you! You must like to cook, want to learn how to cook, or know something about cooking if you’re reading this blog. You know what else? I think it’s a great thing if you’re a dad and you are willing to cook. Some of my favorite meals were cooked by the two greatest fathers in my life, my dad who is now 90 years old and my husband whom I’ve been married to for 36 years.

When I was a young school girl, my daddy would cook breakfast for my brothers and me. He liked to cook bacon, and I liked to eat it. He would fix bacon, eggs, and toast or bacon and pancakes. My lunches would often be a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich. The bacon would be cold by lunchtime, but that didn’t matter to me. I loved it because it was bacon.

The pancakes were my favorite. Oh my! Daddy could flip those fluffy cakes up high, and they would land right back in the center of the flat skillet every time.

One thing I love is rib-eye steaks cooked on the grill. We ate steaks when I was growing up, but Mother usually would broil them in the oven. Now I’m very spoiled because my husband loves to grill. He soaks mesquite wood. We marinate the meat and he brushes barbecue sauce on it when grilling. Our grilling menus usually consist of steak or chicken, and sometimes hamburgers or hot dogs, corn on the cob, and veggies.

Grilled Chicken
Barbecued Mesquite Grilled Chicken

One day recently I pan-fried two steaks because my husband wasn’t going to make it home in time to grill. I found out how spoiled I really am. I ate half of one steak and was so disappointed in the flavor. It didn’t have that special barbecued mesquite flavor. I informed my husband that HIS was the BEST!! He did not disagree with me on that, either.

Summer is officially here, three digits and all. I’m not especially fond of summer heat, but I’m all for summer grilling.

Do you have a favorite grilled meat or vegetable? Who is the grilling pro in your family? Do you use mesquite for grilling? It’s always fun to try out a new barbecue sauce or seasoning. Share your grilling specialties (one of my husband’s is wrapping hot dogs with bacon – OMGoodness GOOD) in the comment section on this page.

Hot Dogs
Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

Happy Grilling!

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