Michelle, Sand Trap Grill

This week a blogger friend and I had some blogging work to do. She took me to breakfast at a country club restaurant called the Sand Trap Grill, and we brought our laptops. She wanted to take me to the restaurant because it’s quiet and she likes the food.

Quiet is good for me right now because I’ve had vertigo for over a month. The type of vertigo I have doesn’t mix well with movement or acute noise. One of my worst episodes happened at another restaurant when another friend took me to breakfast after a doctor’s appointment. It was a good thing we paid the bill at the table that day. The room had started spinning, and I staggered out while holding onto each booth on my way out. Outside the restaurant I walked along the wall, pushing my hand against it to keep from falling as I made my way to the car. The people I passed by probably thought I had more than just Irish coffee to drink. So restaurants are not on my places to go right now.

Deciding what to order was difficult. The menu had a large selection of breakfast entrees to choose from. Needing help, I asked our waitress, Michelle, what was most popular. She pointed out certain breakfasts. It was her mention of the Haystack entree that helped me make my decision. She also said her husband loves the Haystack and gets it every time he comes there to eat. I was convinced.

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The only haystacks I was familiar with was the needle-in-the-haystack idiom and yummy coconut haystack candy I like.

But this Haystack breakfast is a one-dish meal and is made with scrambled eggs, chorizo, veggies and more.

Check out this incredible breakfast! The skinny pieces on top are fried onion strings. I have actually made a French Fried Onion omelet at home and liked it. This tasted even more amazing.

Spring Valley Lake Country Club
The Haystack

That’s not all…

Sand Trap Grill, Victorville, CA
Biscuits & Gravy

I didn’t even take any home and left very little on the plate. Needless to say, my gardening (excellent vertigo therapy, incidentally) exercise came in handy later in the day. The good thing was being able to add that 30 minutes of exercise on the MyFitnessPal app on my phone and watching a nice amount of calories being deducted from those extra calories I had eaten for breakfast. Just about ALL of my calories were at breakfast. I skipped lunch and ate a snack for dinner, a small bowl of leftover chicken and vegetables.

Back to my cottage cooking now, I think it will be awhile before I indulge in eating the Haystack from the country club. Next time I’ll skip the biscuits and gravy (even though they were delicious).



  1. The Hay Stack Breakfast looks and sounds delicious. I’ll have to add that to my list of edible haystacks.

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