Coffee Experiment

Coffee Experiment

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Start the Day with a Cup of Coffee

People plan new goals when each January rolls around. Resolutions often diminish somewhere in the midst of well-meaning plans before the month ever ends. That’s because life happens. It’s like a preacher’s sermon I once heard preached. A curtain falls, and another curtain falls. Unexpected events happen. We don’t know what is behind the curtains (imagine all the anxiety if we did know). It’s good to make plans and goals. It’s also good to go with the flow of events without feeling like you have failed because you didn’t stick to your resolutions or goals exactly as planned.

I’ve been on a mission to get my weight down to a certain amount (one of those life’s curtain events, namely blood pressure). I’m not there yet, but I will be. In the meantime, I continue to learn what works best for me to lose that weight and to eat nutritious food yet enjoy my favorite foods.

I tried an experiment with coffee. (Yes, I have the doc’s OK to drink a little coffee.) My mother drank black coffee when I was growing up. I don’t follow that habit. Black coffee tastes awful. I do drink it with creamer and have managed to get used to it without adding sugar. Trying to figure out how I can cut back on the calories and fat, I did this experiment:

One 8-oz cup of coffee

1 T creamer (French Vanilla)

That didn’t satisfy, so I tried this:

Add 1 more T creamer. That tasted good.

Next experiment:

2nd cup of coffee

1 T creamer

1 T Organic Agave Nectar

Not quite satisfying yet.

I added 2 T Organic Milk.

Tastes okay.

Experiment results: I decided that for me, I can drink one 8-oz cup of coffee with 2 T French Vanilla. I’d rather have 3 T of creamer. The taste is much better. This gives me a choice – 2 T or 3 T creamer to one 8-oz cup of coffee, and I’m good for the day (no more than two 8-oz cups of coffee).

Coffee is a little perk I like, but on my mission I have discovered a coffee beverage that is equally satisfying – and without the downside factor you might hear and read about, the acid with coffee. The new beverage I discovered is called Coffeccino, a great morning hot drink to start the day with. Find it at


  1. I’m not much of a coffee person, but I agree with you about how making simple changes to the way we make certain foods (or drinks) can have a huge impact on our calories and ultimately our waistline.

    1. Author

      PattyCakesPantry, what specialty hot drinks do you prefer instead of coffee? Hot teas? I do like a variety of teas, but I have to be in the mood for them.

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