Friday was National Doughnut Day in case you didn’t know. Some donut shops gave away a free donut with a purchased beverage. I got my favorite donut with chocolate icing and cream inside. Mmmm, it’s the best!

But wait a minute. Is it donut or doughnut? Either. It’s doughnut in the UK. It was doughnut at first in the US, but we changed it to donut.

When I was a little girl, my mother would get me up at dawn on Saturdays to go down to our church kitchen. Several ladies gathered there to make Spudnuts. The kitchen was in a wing with a bedroom and restroom for visiting ministers to stay. When there wasn’t a visiting minister’s family, Mother would let me sleep in the bedroom while she and a group of ladies would make the donuts. When they were hot and ready, another group would go out and sell the donuts. The Spudnuts made a great fundraiser.

The Spudnuts have an interesting history, but my family has our own history with them. My maternal grandmother had heard of the famous Spudnuts and got a recipe for them. She told my mother about them and came over and taught her and the church ladies how to make them.

Spudnuts are made with potatoes or potato flour and are not as greasy as other types of doughnuts. Since they are made from potatoes, it’s possible that they don’t have as much gluten as other donuts either. They may not be listed on the top of a nutrition list, but if you’re going to eat one, you might as well eat one with less gluten, right?




  1. Spudnuts…I don’t think I have ever heard of them. I would love to try one. Donuts cant possibly be bad, and I imagine that these would be great.

    1. Author

      Tell that…”Donuts can’t possibly be bad”…to the nutrition gurus! HA HA! However, since Spudnuts have the reputation of not being as greasy as regular donuts, I would guess that their calories and carbs would be less. Makes me want to go eat a Spudnut!

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