Bread brings comfort, especially on Mother’s Day. I have many memories of my mother baking bread, teacakes, and cakes in her kitchen.

Crochet for Kitchen
Mother’s Bread Crochet

The best dinner rolls were the ones that were divided in the middle or had three sections served hot with melted butter. Bread was my weakness, especially with butter. Butter melted in a hot roll was as good as dessert – almost. 

Cornbread and Milk

Ever had crumbled cornbread in a glass of milk, or buttermilk, in a glass for a snack? I think my parents must have liked cornbread the best. We had cornbread in chicken and dressing, casseroles, baked in iron skillets, crumbled up in milk or buttermilk. “We” – that is – with one exception. All the family tried the crumbled cornbread in buttermilk except me.

Cast Iron Cornbread

Could it have been that they ate it because bread brings comfort, or was it really that delicious? I can’t answer for them. However, my aunt told me that she remembers her mother, my maternal grandmother, sometimes gave the kids a glass of cornbread crumbled in water. That’s all they had at times. 

Daddy tried to convince me to drink buttermilk. One taste is all I could get down, and that was more like gagging than tasting. But I did have the cornbread in a glass of milk. That was not so bad. Somehow, though, it’s not a snack I terribly miss.

MaMa Arzelia baked cornbread the way I liked it. Her special recipe included a tablespoon of sugar. Using a tablespoon of sugar with certain foods must have been a family thing. Her youngest sister, Ruth, taught me that English peas (sweet peas) taste better with a tablespoon of sugar.

Gluten and Inflammation

Through the years, however, I’ve learned that bread makes me feel bloated unless it’s gluten free. Where there’s gluten, inflammation is bound to show up with leg pains at night. You can feel excruciating pain in the whole leg just by lightly touching a pressure point of the pain.

Arthritis-Health recommends unprocessed foods – whole foods like fruits, vegetables, brown rice and quinoa to people who have joint pain or who want to try a gluten-free diet.

Is it worth eating bread then? Tough decision for many of us. It’s hard to kick the bread habit. If I’m at home, I usually keep Dave’s bread on hand. A little less carbs, sugar, and calories. But if I’m visiting family or friends, it’s harder for me to pass up bread that’s not on the healthy spectrum of nutrition.

Seriously, I love bread. I ate plenty of it as a child and it stuck with me. Pancakes, waffles, or biscuits for breakfast. Sandwich for lunch. Rolls with dinner. Bread three times a day. Not a difficult diet at all.

Bread is a comfort food

Easy Raisin Scone

Bread is a comfort food and makes me think of fond memories in my mother’s and grandmothers’ kitchens. That’s why I saved the “Bread” crocheted piece my mother had tagged to sell in her booth at my sister-in-law’s craft mall. I saved the piece with the tag left attached. It’s a special memory. Either Mother crocheted the piece, or my aunt did. They both knew how to crochet. It’s a kitchen crocheted heirloom, a piece of comfort now kept in my own kitchen.

How does bread bring comfort to you?


  1. This mother’s day, I was really missing my mom. Like yours, she was always in the kitchen and baking. I always associate pies with my mom. She loved to make pies. She also made excellent buttermilk biscuits. When my husband and I would drive up to see her when the kids were little, we would load them in the car in their pajamas before sunrise. They would sleep most of the way there, and she would have breakfast ready and waiting for us when we arrived. There was always a pan of freshly baked biscuits that we would have with real butter and home made jam or jelly.

    1. Author

      That makes me think of my mother having biscuits ready. She liked to fix biscuits, eggs, and bacon when all the family came for holidays, especially at Christmas time.

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