Grilled Vegetables
Veggies on the Griddle

Eating out is often on the agenda of those who don’t like to cook because they work full time. Make vegetable and fruit shakes in a batch (this has really helped me). Bring your own veggie and fruit snacks in a lunch cooler. Note: It’s best to use the shakes prepared in advance within 24 hours to ensure that you don’t lose the nutrients.

Invited to a dinner? You can let the hostess/host know that you are on a detox meal plan. Bring one of the new vegetable recipes you’ve tried on your cleanse program. Vegetable trays always are a good snack to offer when invited to a dinner.

Whether eating at home, restaurants, or a dinner party, it’s easy to stay on this purification program. Planning your meals is the key. When I was on the program, I cooked more than usual because I used all fresh produce. It was recommended to eat fresh whole foods and cook them on the stove, oven, griddle or grill but not the microwave. So I was always cooking. A remedy to constant cooking is to make soups and cook a lot of vegetables. That saves a great amount of time. Heating up soup or vegetables on the stove only takes a few minutes.

My hubby and I like to eat grilled chicken. He will grill a big batch of chicken, and it goes a long way. I put the chicken in soups, salads, wraps, and an occasional stir fry or over brown or wild rice.

I didn’t eat bread on the detox plan, but I’ve found some since then that has very low carbs, sodium, and calories. Before the three-week detox, I craved bread all the time, ate sandwiches often, and couldn’t imagine life without bread. Now I am satisfied having an occasional piece of toast using the organic 12-grain bread with Omega 3.

Now that I’m off the detox diet, I am not dieting but eat with nutrition in mind more than before. Portion size is smaller because the craving to eat more is not as it was before.

Losing more pounds is part of my agenda. Though they aren’t just falling off in abundance, I continue to lose a pound here and there. For instance, I had set a certain weight in my mind that I wanted to get to before setting my next goal. Yesterday I got on the scales and surprise, surprise! I met my goal. Weight fluctuates, though, so I continue to work at it. It’s an ongoing process. Like my dad told me years ago, I’ll have to watch my weight all of my life. He taught me by example that you have to exercise. Eating right with a good amount of exercise to go along with it keeps us in good shape. The plan has worked well for him. He’s now 89 and still goes out to walk.



  1. Author

    I’ll keep that in mind, Josef. In fact, I’ve made a few video clips of some of my detox recipes. I’ll see about adding those to my blog posts. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I am trying to eat healthier, too. I don’t know how to cook very well, so it is hard. Maybe you can post videos how to cook vegetables that I can understand. I learn best by watching people do things, but sometimes, I need to be shown lots of times.

  3. I love when I can cook extra stuff to just grab and eat during the week. I even have one of those hot bottles that I can boil my soup in the morning and put in the bottle for lunch. It’s nice not to have to stand in line at the microwave to reheat my lunch.

    1. Author

      Good idea! Often I take a lunch with me like a salad, or something cold, that doesn’t have to be microwaved. Bringing a hot bottle like you do or the cold lunch, either way beats waiting for the microwave!

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